Legal Matters


Due to the current ever-changing legality surrounding cannabis seeds, it is up to the purchaser to abide by all local laws considering cannabis and the seeds of the cannabis plant. TheCoin, financial affiliates, and ongoing or departed partnerships, are not legally responsible for the actions of the purchaser. It is the necessity of the purchaser to be in good legal standing when purchasing cannabis seeds from any site including but not limited to

TheCoin is a decentralized network, consisting of open-source code. Our website takes no responsibility towards the blockchain itself, we only accept it as a form of trade for cannabis seeds. Maintaining, running, and utilizing the TheCoin blockchain is not the responsibility of this site and which currencies are accepted may change without prior notice. We also hold the right to deny said sales if we believe that they are in violation of local laws and jurisdictions.

WWW.THETHCCOIN.COM holds no responsibility for seizure by customs or other law enforcement as the purchaser is liable for following local and international laws and jurisdictions.

Information in this disclaimer shall be updated promptly if any changes occur and you should reference this page for all future updates to the disclaimer and privacy policy.

We are not responsible for lost funds due to errors in addresses, errors in code, or any problems arising from the blockchain itself. We do not offer returns or refunds. We will however go about certain policies regarding bad seeds as long as they were attempted to be sprouted legally and followed a normal procedure for sprouting cannabis seeds.

Privacy Policy:

The information collected herein is considered personal private information and is not sold or traded in any way to any third party. Personal private information obtained on this site is used only by the site and package delivery systems for the specific purpose of shipping packages. WWW.THETHCCOIN.COM cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information sent into the site in the form of addresses or names. These will however be used for the packaging and shipping purposes. Some information may be stored by a third party to keep details for following purchases. This information is not sold or traded and is used for auto-filling forms, tracking favorite items, and signing into the shop.