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Cannabis seeds and the legality surrounding them in the united states.

Considering all the talk differing from each state regarding the legality of cannabis, and what details are and are not permitted, it is no wonder people are starting to ask this question. While the specifics do vary greatly across the country, there is an amazingly simple answer to this question:

Yes! Cannabis seeds are legal in the United States!

Since we’ve gotten that out of the way, let us take a peek at the specifics of these matters.

In previous years, there have been many changes of regulations to cannabis use and growing laws in the majority of the United States. Thus, rules vary quite a bit, from zero legalization(completely illegal for the plant matter) – medical or otherwise – including decriminalization (although only six states fall into that category, as of early 2018), to legalization of both medical and recreational.

But…what about cannabis seeds? Are they legal?

Up until this point, I’ve been referring to cannabis use, and until recently, most consumers journeyed to dispensaries and licensed producers to obtain their cannabis products. Many of these such shops legitimately care for and want what’s best for their consumers – wanting to provide the public with a natural, relatively safe alternative to opioids and other medications or pharmaceuticals that have frightening side effects and alarming addiction rates. The great advantages to growing your own cannabis plants(which we’ll take a look at in a minute) have put many people in search of premium cannabis seeds that will enable them to grow their own medicine right at home. The good news is cannabis seeds are considered legal(as long as they are not germinated in a state where growing cannabis is illegal)! As a seed, cannabis is completely inert containing no psychoactive or illegal compounds, not much of a difference from the hemp seeds everyone started sprinkling on their sandwiches (though they are usually cooked and or shelled – please do not eat your cannabis seeds…). For this reason, cannabis seeds that are not germinated are legal to buy and own throughout the United States.


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